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Recommended as private guide in
Rick Steves' 'snapshot Berlin':
" enthusiastic historian who grew up behind the Wall..."

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                                                                                                              What are you looking for?

Is it a private tour of Berlin? Who are you? Who wants private tours? Special people…and my tours are for special people. They are for people who want to enjoy the luxury of having one guide just for themselves. They are for people who want to be independent of any other—mostly unfamiliar—tourists. Who want to ask all the questions that come to mind as they are learning about the city. Who want to get to know a local, a person who is in fact showing off his hometown—including the backyards! It’s for people who want to take advantage of a private guide’s knowledge and interpersonal skills as a personal service.

My tours are for people who want to get a feeling for Berlin, a feeling based on in-depth information and unique experiences that is as close to the true mood and personality of the city as they can get.               


Is this you?


What others say:

"Bernhardt led an informative, walkable, charming, and ultimately moving private tour of Berlin.... His knowledge is vast, be it historical or sociological. He can tell you everything about rationing and schooling before the Wall (sometimes from first hand accounts) as he can contextualize a moment in the breadth of German and European History. We encountered everything from recent gentrification of what once one a center of artists and dissidents, to prefabricated homes to honor Berlin's 750th birthday, to the sites of protest and ultimately the site of walking across that "white line" divide between East and West. Bernhard sequenced his tour with great historical and personal sensitivity; he was able to answer each an every question with a scholar's mind and a writer's heart. His narrative moves from social to political to the personal with great ease and grace. I can't recommend him highly enough." Christian G., New York


"We engaged Bernard for a full day private tour of Berlin with a special focus on my personal family history. I can honestly say in the 7 weeks that we were away this was the single highlight of the trip. Our private guide Bernhard was engaging, warm, personable and highly well read as a historian. Seeing it through his eyes and hearing all the stories about the various locations in the city made for a very enjoyable tour. It was an insightful tour with many stories behind the major sites. That is what really made it come alive - how the history of one sight is intertwined with the history of another. We highly recommend Bernhard's private tours and loved our time with our guide Bernhard. Many of his stories have stayed with us. Book him! You won't regret it." Tania S., Sydney


"This morning, almost 11 months after our amazing tour of Berlin with Bernhard as private guide, I woke up at home in Massachusetts, sat down at my computer, and clicked onto my Google homepage. When I did, up came the google doodle announcing that today is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. I clicked on the arrow, watched the little video and everything Bernhard had told us during our private tour about his own personal experiences on that incredible day came to me as if I were living that experience. I felt the poignancy of my son's photographs, taken over the remaining section of the wall (after Bernhard aided him in hoisting himself to the top), the desperation of the families Bernhard described, who jumped out of their apartment windows into the nets of waiting firefighters to gain the freedom of the West, the overwhelming sadness of waking up one morning to discover you may never see your friends and families again,...all of it came rushing in on me as if I had been there a quarter century ago and not just heard about it from an incredible guide and historian. How powerful those feeling were and how thankful I am that Bernhard let me and my kids and mom experience them. Thank you again Bernhard for sharing your talent, your knowledge and your Country's history. Until this moment I was unaware of the lasting impact it had on me. Without a doubt, experiencing the city with Bernhard as guide is something no one should miss!" Paula R., Wayland


"From the moment our travel group (four couples) made contact with Bernhard, we were impressed with his website and the professional way he responded to our inquiries. We wanted to maximize our time, and were especially interested in the history of WWII in Germany, and the Communist years that followed. Bernhard's extraordinary background as an historian, together with his engaging personality and sense of humor, gave us an in-depth understanding of Berlin. We spent two days with him as our private guide and could have stayed a week longer! It was as though we were accompanied by an engaging college professor, one who brought German history alive. His anecdotes were memorable, as were our visits to unexpected places he had chosen (where there were few tourists): Track 17, the "stumbling stones", the memorial to the murdered Roma people -- things you don't read about in historical accounts nor are mentioned in guidebooks. I can't recommend him more highly....he is beyond "excellent"! " Marian T., Shoreline


My wife and I along with two family members were embarking on a three week travel of Germany and the czech republic.. We had two days in Berlin and decided to retain the services of a private guide. Consulting the Rick Steves Guide we came across a reference to Bernhard. Noting that he was life long resident of Berlin and had an advanced degree in history, we secured his services.

Upon meeting him in the lobby of our hotel we were all immediately impressed with his winning smile and open manner. We sat and he reviewed his thoughts on how to spend our days together. The history lesson began with the hotel we were staying at and how it came to be.
Bernhard grew up in the east and attended University three blocks from our hotel. His knowledge of all things Berlin is expansive and detailed. As we began our walk, he would tell us about the history of the next stop, and there was always a story or point of why this building, or stature or place was of importance.. He carried with him a back pack that had laminated copies of photos greatly enlarged. For example he would show us a photo of an historical building, before WWII, then one right after the war, then one say in the 70's. He in effect brought history alive.
He would position us at a specific spot, then show us a photo of Hitler standing in our same spot... If you are interested in history, he can make you catch your breath a time or two.
The Brandenburg gate came alive with photos of the Kaiser, then Hitler, then Allied troops all taken from where we stood. We visited the wall, in a remote area that still exists. He told us stories of his childhood, and of his parents, waiting 12 years in line to purchase a car.
End of the first day, I said to Bernhard, "if you were taking your wife to dinner tonight, where would take her". He thought for a moment and said, I will text you a location after we part. He made a reservation for us, gave us an e mail to show our driver, and yes, we dined like Germans in an out of the way place, surround by locals.
Although we spend almost three weeks traveling, clearly our two days with Bernhard as our private guide were the highlight of the trip. His direct and open manner, his informed views, and sense of history made our tour of Berlin come alive.
We wholehearted recommend you consider engaging him as your private guide. My only regret was that we did not have more time to spend with him.. Bing G. Dallas



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