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Berlin neighborhood tour



Berlin is not only the main sights. There are many different neighbourhoods and each has its own character. At the Brandenburg Gate one can meet people from allover the world, but where are the Berliners? Well, lets join them living their daily life and see a neigbourhood. There is one I lived in for many years, it is the Park Slope, the Montmarte, the Notting Hill and Balmain of Berlin - and its name is Prenzlauer Berg. As it is - the district also has the last remaining section of the no-mans-land as well as the place where the Berlin Wall was breached first. Here revolution happened in 1989 and today people say the district is the embodiment of the new Germany- the tour will be a mixture of recent history and an intimate look into the real Berlin. Just to mention it - the best bakeries are in this part of town and the Cappuccino is the same quality as in Rome!


Kleiner Friedrich1  breaching the wall

In the evening of November 9th in 1989 the impossible happened: the Berlin Wall was...
breached. Its no surprise it happened here since the neighbourhood was the nest of the opposition movement. But how exactly did the wall come down - during one evening?!! There is a memorial here in on the ground we will walk and step by step I will explain what happened during the crucial day in November. And - be sure I have quite some memories of that day too...


Kleiner Friedrich1  revolution

The revolution in 1989 historians refer to as the 'peaceful revolution'. There is a church in...
the neigborhood which is the place where peace almost turned into blood and where the resilience of the revolutionaries made change finally happen. Let me tell you the story of the revolution on the streets where is happened.


Kleiner Friedrich1  alternatives

The district was built as a place for the workers, its not anymore today. How did...
change happen? And how did living conditions of the people change. Do people rent or own? What about prices? And - is there still anything left of the spirit of change in 1989?


Kleiner Friedrich1  moms & dads

Between April and September, when its warm weather one can see a lot of strollers on...
the streets. There seems to be no resident older than 40 and every second building has a café inside. There is a specific plaza where one can see the very special character of this district, its good and bad sides and their is no lack of stories about the sometimes rather odd behaviour of the locals.


Kleiner Friedrich1  KGB

When the Soviets seized Berlin in 1945 they did not only bring Hitler to an end, they also...
brough the KGB with them. One of the headquarters was located in the district and there is an installation on that house which can be used to explain how the Soviets secured their power in Berlin.


Kleiner Friedrich1  the bust

In front of a little neighborhood made of concrete there is this giant bust of a man no one...
knows anymore. When I was a child we had to learn all about him, that was before the wall fell in east-Germany. The high-rises made of prefabricated concrete slabs intect with the masive piece of propaganda - let me tell you how.

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