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Rick Steves' 'snapshot Berlin':
" enthusiastic historian who grew up behind the Wall..."

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Barcelona: Nick


I met Nick in summer 2013 in Barcelona. It has been a pleasure to see his passion for the subject (the spanish civil war), his abilty to let people understand the past, his academic qualities as well as his talent to educate his audience is such an enjoyable way.  This is a clear recommodation from me, also because he lives in Spain - wait - its Catalonia!!!! - so he knows just what life is like in Barcelona.


Nick says:

Nick Lloyd's Spanish Civil War tours around Barcelona visit some of the key sites in the city between 1936-1939. The tours cover themes such as Anarchism, George Orwell, the realities of daily life and the aerial bombing. Although Franco died in 1975, only in January 2011 were the last monuments to his victory torn down in Barcelona. The city today is of course unimaginably different from that described by Orwell. But, the scars of the Civil War are not yer closed, and run as an undercurrent through today's society and politics. Looking at the city through the prism of the war can help to understand modern Catalonia and Spain.





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