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Rome: Marisa


When I was in Rome recently I met Marisa. There were infact two things which impressed me: A) Marisa was born in Rome, raised in Rome, studied in Rome and lives in Rome now. In other words: this is her city and thats how she talks about it - as a personal issue. And B) Marisa wants to do tours in a personal way, individual with a lot of attention towards what people really want, one could call it a tailored tour.  Just to mention it - she has a PhD in archeology - well - Roman archeology... And - she is just such a nice person... you'll see...  


Marisa says:

Ciao!! My name is Marisa, I'm an archeologist and qualified tourist guide in Rome. I was born here and I have been walking around Rome since I was a teenager. The love for Rome is the reason why I've studied Classical Archeology at University of Rome and why I started studying to become a professional tourist guide with a regular certification ... basically to do what I love (walking around Rome) as a job! Now I have been provinding private tours for independent travellers since 2009! My clients are friends to help and welcome, not a number in the crowd. My aim is to make you feel in love with Rome... adapting my tours to your style and needs. Discover Rome with a Roman guide!



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