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Sicily: Tommaso & Sunway


Tommaso says:

Allow me to introduce myself and Sunway. My name is Tommaso Pantè, and I am an experienced and fully licensed Tour Guide & Tour Escort/Manager.


After years of living abroad and guiding tours in many places around the world, I decided to return to my nativeMessina, Sicily. My dream was to lead tours promoting Sicily: its tumultuous history, its diverse cultures, its unique archeological ruins, and its delicious foods and wines. My dream became a reality in establishing Sunway over a decade ago. Since then, Sunway has prospered through increased associations with local, national, and international clients and organizations.

Today Sunway specializes in leading tours or daily excursions, primarily in Sicily but alsothroughout mainland Italy. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese - in addition to my native Italian and Sicilian. Always I strive to provide individuals or small groups with exceptional services.

Join me in Sicily, and you too can be an eyewitness to my world. I want you to take home fun-loving memories that last a lifetime and perhaps a wonderful memory of me as your tour guide  




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