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Music in Berlin



There is an amazing range of all kinds of music that you can listen to in Berlin. My understanding of a musical experience, though, is that you don’t want to seek out what you could find anywhere else in the world. So here are my favorite orchestras:


 Kleiner Friedrich1  The Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin

Just a few names: Furtwängler, Karajan, Abbado, Rattle. In my opinion, this is the world’s best orchestra. When you listen to them perform, you feel like you are living in another realm for the entire time the music is playing. The concert hall at Potsdamer Platz is astounding too. The building is designed to achieve the best acoustics, so it does not matter where you sit—the sound is always incredible wherever you are. Make sure to purchase your ticket very early, because the concerts with the chief conductor often sell out quickly. website in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  Radio Symphony Orchestra

If you like 20th-century classical music better, take a look at their website. website in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  State Opera

Great opera music. Maybe the best in town. This orchestra was founded in the 18th century, and it survived even when their building was destroyed (three times, in fact). They will perform at the Schiller Theater until 2015. website in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  The Berlin Cathedral

The church offers great classical concerts in amazing surroundings. The inside of the building is ornately decorated. Thousands of golden and white little details will catch your eye while you listen to the sublime music. website in english

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