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Hotels in Berlin



Berlin is full of hotels, many of them of outstanding quality. I learned about these special places when picking up visitors to tour the city. Location is the key! It makes little sense to stay in a first-class hotel if it is far away from the places most worth seeing. Sometimes people even move from a hotel in the former west Berlin to one in the former east (which is now the city center) so that they can be closer to the sights and the action.


 Kleiner Friedrich1  Adlon

Even though the building might appear to be old, it is in fact newly built. The original hotel was bombed during World War II, and its ruins were removed in the ’50s. After the end of the Cold War, the structure was rebuilt—in the old style. Some say it’s the best hotel in town. In any case, its location is quite special, as it is right next to the Brandenburg Gate. website in english 


Kleiner Friedrich1 Ritz - Carlton

Somehow this place seems to be for people who don’t want to take any risks. It is as good as its name says. Situated in downtown Berlin, the location is excellent, and the hotel has very good access to public transportation. website in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  Regent

Not as well known as the Adlon, this hotel is nevertheless of the same high quality. It is hidden in a side street next to the beautiful Gendarmenmarket. It offers nice amenities. For instance, I have noticed that every time I pick up visitors there, the concierge comes out to our vehicle and brings a few bottles of in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  Westin Grand Hotel

Originally built for the 750th anniversary of Berlin in 1987, this hotel was turned into a major movie set for the second Jason Bourne movie (“The Bourne Supremacy”). This is where Pamela Landy stays, and where Ward Abbot committed suicide. By the way, the service is excellent here too. website in english


Though less prominent and less well known, the following establishments offer good service for less money:


Kleiner Friedrich1  Park Inn

This hotel might look rather homely from the outside, and even inside, it doesn’t present the ageless beauty of the Adlon. But the rooms have a view of the city that is absolutely amazing. webseite in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  Melia

My favorite hotel. It opened just two years ago, and has already received many awards. The building’s architecture is nice, and the interior is modern and stylish. The Spanish restaurant housed here is excellent. Best of all is its location. Situated between Museum Island and the Brandenburg Gate, everything is within reach of this hotel. Friedrichstraße, which is nearby, offers great shopping facilities. You can have all this—and this is based on what guests have personally told me—for half the price of the Adlon. A clear recommendation!website in english


Kleiner Friedrich1  Adina

Choose the Adina that is located at Hackescher Markt. This hotel is in a central location, is brand new and has very friendly staff. The rooms have an attached kitchen, so it’s also a good place for longer stays. website in english

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