15 Of The Coolest Day Trips Recommended By Berlin Locals

But, going with kids and a husband who aren’t as equally enamored as me meant I had to compromise. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do each day. Then we sat down at night to talk about what they wanted to do the next day.

The following are other major attractions that you can see on German tours. The Charlottenburg Palace complex is surrounded by a unique Baroque garden which merges into a landscaped Park. The Hamburger Bahnhof Museum is a contemporary art gallery located in a former train station. The Jewish Museum provides a detailed history of the German Jewish community. The Berlin Wall Museum is an open-air exhibition and memorial. The Mauermuseum at Checkpoint Charlie can be found at the most historic checkpoint between the two original Berlins.

Here you can spend a weekend and enjoy the city’s history, which was under heavy fire during World War II. Today you can visit the reconstructed version of Dresden’s most famous sight, the Frauenkirche . Although it has a dark past, Wannsee is still a beautiful area that Berlin can visit. People visit Wannsee mainly to see the lake.

Tiergarten was established in 1527 as a private hunting ground in Germany for the ruling class. It was opened to the public in 1740. Today, the park covers 520 acres and visitors can visit war monuments, grab a beer in the beer garden, and go out on the lakes in a pedal boat (or ice-skate in the winter). If you are looking to escape from the city, the grand expanse of Berlin’s largest forest is the perfect destination for hiking, picnicking, and biking. Kuhhorn Badestrand is a beach and cove where Berliners love to relax and swim on hot summer days. In the northernmost part of the forest, you’ll find Teufelsberg, a manmade hill standing 120 meters high.

  • Next, head to Gendarmenmarkt which is undeniably Berlin’s most famous public square.
  • Kuhhorn Badestrand is a beach and cove where Berliners love to relax and swim on hot summer days.
  • Gorlitz is still one of my favorite day trips from Berlin. You can see some myGorlitz photos here.
  • It is home to a collection that includes Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Persian artifacts, as well as the impressive Ishtar Gate.

For views of the city and to see the tower that was used by the US as a listening post during the Cold War, you can hike up this hill. Guided tours in English cost 15 EUR and are held on Saturdays. It’s close to Berlin, which is a shame as it’s meant to be very beautiful.

How many days do you need to spend in Berlin?