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Spend 3 hours Our knowledgeable guides will take you on a journey through Berlin’s rich history and reveal its darkest secrets. This workshop and street art tour will allow you to join Berlin’s artistic community.

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It is now abandoned, but it offers a large canvas for striking street art. You can see it if you sign up for one of these torch-lit tours. You’ll learn about the brutal history of the grounds and the buildings that were used for prisoners as well as a training center for guards from other concentration camps. Through the guide’s descriptions of the personal accounts, it’s easy to imagine the daily lives of the prisoners.

You’ll also be able to take home a piece of street art, proving this tour is one of the best in Berlin. This bus tour takes you to Berlin’s best sights in just 24 or 48 hours. It also includes a riverboat cruise during the summer months. Discover the city’s top sights, including Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Cathedral and more.

This 2.5-hour tour will take you to all of the most popular sights in the city including the Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower, and River Spree. Taste your way around the Berlin streets with a tour that showcases the capital’s classic treats. Discover Berlin neighborhoods as you immerse yourself in the local culture. Along the route, receive insider tips and recommendations on what to see and where to eat from your knowledgeable guide. You can see Berlin from a different angle and take a break while you relax on a boat and enjoy some of its most impressive attractions.

Your guide will take you through the camp’s many parts, including the Jewish barracks and the gallows. Learn about the horrors that took place in the Gestapo prison during the 1936 Olympic Games. Though such a somber and your guide is sure to provide you with an interesting and excellent experience.

You will be given instructions on how to use graffiti techniques and how to add your urban art to the factory walls. You’ll even get to make your own street art stencil and create a piece of artwork that you can take home with you as a reminder of this unique Berlin experience. You will get the chance to head straight to the Reichstag Dome where you can enjoy sweeping views over the city of Berlin. A licensed tour guide is provided for you to learn about the history of the Reichstag and get to the heart of German politics.

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The Convenience Scene Is Thriving in Berlin.

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This Berlin Tempelhof Airport Tour will allow you to access previously undiscovered areas of the protected monument. Although there are many stairs to climb, the fun facts and interesting things you’ll discover will make every step worthwhile. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about Berlin history, culture and so much more.

You’ll see a ton of sights in between, from the Cross of Coventry to the ruins of Himmler’s SS and Gestapo HQs. The riveting commentary will have you engaged and entertained throughout the tour. A guide will lead you through the Third Reich Berlin Tour. This tour will answer all your questions about the Nazi regime. Even with reminders of the city’s harsh past all around, Berlin has still emerged as diamond. Berlin offers many tours that will interest you, whether you are interested in the architecture and history of the past or street art and creativity from the present. To make sure you get the highest quality experiences, check out our list of the best tours in Berlin below.