Berlin Jewish Heritage Walking Tour With Hackesche Hofe 2022

You can take your tour by car, public transport or on foot. You and I can decide together which route is best for you, depending on your preferences and the route. As you continue on to Hackescher Markt, you will pass the Barn Quarter, which was once the main Jewish quarter in Berlin.

You’ll find Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind. This was established in 1936 to provide employment for blind and deaf Jews. Workers made brooms, brushes, and other items that were important for the war effort.

This private Germany tour includes in-depth cultural and Jewish heritage tours with local expert guides. It features the most important German cities and Jewish sites and includes accommodation in the best luxury hotels in each destination. Berlin’s Jewry has a special history. It dates back to the Enlightenment and continues through the terrible truths of Holocaust to its current revival. Uncover the history of Berlin’s re-emerging Jewish community, learn about the people that made its greatest impacts, and see the sites that matter.

We learned a lot, and it was a great tour. However, it wasn’t as good as the four-hour walking tour with the other company. There was so much that we did not know about prior to the tour even though we considered ourselves fairly well-informed about Jewish life in Berlin just before as well as during World War 2. Our Israeli tour guide had all the facts at her fingertips, answering many questions about the Jewish community in Berlin, both before the war, and also at the present time. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the experience’s start will not be refunded.

We were also impressed by your knowledge of museums and places of general curiosity of a wider variety. We appreciated how you answered our questions and provided information. We found you to be trustworthy, honest, and interesting to listen. We would contact you again in the future to send people to Berlin. Chart the twisting fortunes of Berlin’s Jews through the ages on this 4-hour walking tour.

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The half-day Jewish Heritage Walking Tour starts at your hotel. Your guide will meet you there and take you to Hausvogteiplatz. This square was once famous for its thriving textile and fashion industry. It was largely managed by Jewish merchants and designers. Three tall mirrors are located in the square, which are arranged in a circular pattern. reflects the sky to all who view it, is dedicated to the Jewish victims in the Holocaust. Conclude in Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany and one of Europe’s most important cultural centers. Private walking tours allow you to discover Berlin’s rich Jewish history.

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