Berlin Walking Tour

They are part of the story that has made the city what they are today. This tour will show you Berlin’s history through food. You can also ride a bike around the city! ). I actually wouldn’t recommend investing too much time in Alexanderplatz – there are plenty of more interesting parts of the city to explore during your 2 days in Berlin. It’s worth taking a stroll through the bustling Alexanderplatz to see the sights.

On this six-hour guided tour of Potsdam you will learn all the secrets of this city. Berlin is a city with so much history that the guided tours are thematic; take several of them to come back with as complete a view of the city as possible. This Sachsenhausen tour is free, so you decide the final price.

It is worth visiting this site on a walking tour to learn more about the history. You can book a walking tour for under EUR15 through Berlin walking tours. On this guided tour through East Berlin you will learn about life in the Soviet and communist part of the city and what stories the Cold War period brought with it.

You could also do the Berlin by Bike Tour for 6 hours, which will take you to most of the places on day one of this 2-day Berlin itinerary. However, you can only do it on a bicycle. Sandemans offers a free walking tour that will help you get to the top on day one. The company is well-known for slick and professional walking tours that cover most of Western Europe. Guides work for tips, and you can decide how much to contribute after the tour. My 200+ page guidebook is designed for budget travelers like yourself!

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If you’re looking for something more in-depth than the free walking tours, this is it! This private, guided, 3- to 4-hour walking tour gives you an insider’s view of Berlin. Enjoy personalized attention while visiting some of Berlin’s most popular attractions — like the Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg Gate — as well as a few lesser-known locations.

Prague By E-Bike tours are private, one-of-a-kind experiences. Our 5 star-reviewed, locally-owned and licensed tours goes beyond merely showing you Prague’s architecture, history, and stunning views.

  • Flea markets are also a great place to find some of the best homemade food in Berlin.
  • Each tour will teach you something different about Berlin and its history. However, you can also enjoy the sights on a less intense walk.
  • Walk along the wall, and learn more about the history of the Wall at the Wall Museum (book a skip-the-line ticket online).

This guided tour from Berlin will take you to Sachsenhausen, one the original concentration camps created by Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. Listen as an expert historian details the facts surrounding the camp’s creation, as well as a timeline of the atrocities that took place there. Berlin was nearly 40 years behind the iron curtain.

If you are interested in this part of history, I advise you to try this guided tour and judge for yourself. The more time you spend in Berlin, the more you are going to love this city. Doing this tour allows for you to really experience the quirkiness of the city with a local. You’ll be able visit many of the most popular tourist spots and will feel right at home in the city. It is a great way to see Berlin from a different perspective. Mitte is more centrally located to the big tourist sites of Berlin.

First is Prenzlauer Berg – this is my #1 recommendation for where to stay in Berlin. Prenzlauer Berg is my favorite place in the world. It feels like you are a local. Walking down the Paris-like wide streets, lined with apartment buildings that feature first floor shops, you’ll walk by young families and students going about their day. It also has some of the best coffee and food in the city.

With each of these tours you will learn about a different aspect of Berlin and its history, but you can also take less “intense” walks through the city just to enjoy the sights. I recommend doing this either aboard a Berlin boat cruise or via a sightseeing bus tour with panoramic views of Berlin. To have a great time at one Berlin’s flea market, you don’t need to buy anything. If you’re like me you’ll enjoy imagining where some of the items for sale came from. Arkonaplatz’s flea market is one of the oldest in the area. It sells everything from antique books to clothes. The flea markets also offer some of the best, homemade food in Berlin.

Germany celebrates the 25th anniversary the fall of Berlin Wall in November with many events celebrating the reunification. Over the course of my last year I’ve learnt a few secret spots and cool places to eat and drink in Mitte. After the popularity and success of my previous self-guided free walking tour guide to Edinburgh, I thought I’d share this information in the form a self-guided free walking tour. You can customise the guide to suit your interests but all the locations referenced here are within close walking distance of Wombats Hostel.