Budget Guide For 3 Days In Berlin

This guided walking tour will show you Berlin, the frontier of Cold War. After World War II, Berlin changed from the capital city of Nazi Germany into the pivotal city in a struggle to control war-torn Europe. Retrace the trail of the “death strip” and the Berlin Wall. Visit some of Berlin’s most popular Cold War attractions, like the Berlin Wall Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, underground “ghost stations,” and more. Learn more about Berlin’s history, from its founding to the divided city of the Cold War.

How much money should I bring to Berlin?

After all that walking and biking, you must be hungry so it is time to sit down for a delicious German lunch. We recommend the German sausages for a real Berlin speciality. Next, head to Gendarmenmarkt which is undeniably Berlin’s most famous public square.

Kromlau is a great day trip from Berlin. It can be combined with stops at the Spreewald and Lubbenau. This combination of destinations is best enjoyed on a road trip with friends. It may be dubbed the ‘City of Lights’, but this is definitely an understatement. Paris is rich in culture, art, and food. It has so much more to offer that its beautiful streets. It’s no surprise that the French capital is one the most visited destinations in the world. Paris needs days to be properly explored, but if you only have one day in Paris, you can still cover the highlights and most iconic sites with our one day Paris itinerary and travel guide.

  • Register for a small-group tour of Berlin’s street art scene that includes a graffiti workshop.
  • Guided tours like the Cold War Walking Tour will reveal more details about Berlin’s complex past to history buffs.
  • Enjoy also various tour suggestions within the extensive travel guide and helpful insider tips to discover the German capital the best way possible!
  • Your guide will share German Christmas traditions with you and tell you about the history of nearby sights like Schloss Charlottenburg, the Olympiastadion, and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Most people visit Berlin only for a few days, especially if they’re on a longer Europe itinerary or weekend tripping from other parts of Europe. It’s worth sticking around for longer if you can – I did – but if not, this 3 days in Berlin itinerary should answer most of your needs for your time in Berlin. It’s often more fun to take in the entire atmosphere of a whole district than just one attraction. Kreuzberg is a trendy area in Berlin that has lots of character. It’s a great place to wander around.

  • It offered everything you could need: a small kitchen, ample space for children, and was located in a nearby neighborhood.
  • Most hotel rooms are not designed for more than three people and booking two rooms can be cost prohibitive.
  • With its abundance of museums, historical buildings, street art, cafes and bars, there are plenty of things to see in Berlin.
  • The flamboyant office building is not open to the public. However, you don’t need to explore the interior as there is plenty of action outside.
  • Berlin is a German capital with its rich history, hip neighborhoods and delicious cuisines.
  • The unique arched bridge forms an extraordinary circle by reflecting the water’s reflection.

For first-time Berlin visitors, a stop in Potsdam or Sanssouci is a popular day trip.

So when visiting Berlin, you’re going to want to become familiar with the city’s different public transport networks. With U-bahn metro, S-bahn rail, trams, and many bus routes, it’d be hard to find a spot in the city you can’t reach by public transport. You can use the same tickets for all modes of transport, which is convenient as you will often switch between them to get to your destination. The cheapest ticket is a Kurzstrecke short distance ticket which allows you to go 3 stops and costs EUR1.70. For more information on zones and fares check here, and a map of Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines can be found here. You can easily pass by much of the day just walking around the city’s beautiful Old Town.