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PlusGetYourGuidehas an excellent cancellation policy in case your holiday plans change. This ticket also offers the possibility of a boat cruise down River Spree. Both the bus and boat have audio guides that provide important historical and cultural information in a variety languages.

Meet local artists and learn about street art in Berlin. You’ll not only learn about the origins of this underground phenomenon but also get insider information about the unwritten rules between writers and artists. To see the best graffiti Berlin has to present, take a stroll through the backstreets.

  • Learn all about the Nazis, Gestapo and SS behind the scenes during the regime.
  • For a breather, take a stroll in one of the city’s many parks and gardens.
  • Admire the magnificent buildings and museums, and take in the breathtaking views from the streets.
  • You’ll learn four hours about the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. It was built by the Nazis in 1936 and held more than 200,000 prisoners during World War II.

Stand on the death strip under a watchtower, soak up amazing scenery as you cross through Tiergarten Park, and enjoy a lovely lunch at a nice beer garden. This tour covers six miles of Berlin’s best, with commentary on the city’s turbulent history and bright future. The Berlin Day City Bike Tour is a great way to see Berlin if you are short on time. This informative cruise is a great way for you to learn about Berlin and see many of its sights without having to walk as much as on other Berlin tours.

Visit some of the most important historical sites in Berlin with your guide, discovering the series of events that culminated in the final German surrender. Track the Soviet attack as it drove deeper into the German capital, culminating in the final battle at The Reichstag. See the former bunker of Hitler and learn about the daily lives of the residents during World War II, especially those who opposed the Third Reich.

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The Hamburger Bahnhof Museum is a contemporary art gallery located in a former train station. The Jewish Museum provides a detailed history of the German Jewish community. The Berlin Wall Museum is an open-air exhibition and memorial. The Mauermuseum at Checkpoint Charlie is situated at the most famous historical checkpoint between the two original Berlins. The DDR Museum is a small museum which gives a good insight into life in the former Eastern Germany. There are many other interesting museums too numerous to mention.

  • View the site of Hitler’s former bunker and learn about daily life for residents during the war, particularly those who opposed the Third Reich.
  • There are many options, from relaxing cruises on Spree River to driving your vintage Trabant through the City.
  • Discover the city’s top sights, including Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Cathedral and more.
  • The Mauermuseum at Checkpoint Charlie can be found at the most historic checkpoint between the two original Berlins.
  • To make sure you get the highest quality experiences, check out our list of the best tours in Berlin below.

By the end of your river cruise, you will have a better understanding of the layout of the city and what attractions you’ll want to visit during the rest of your trip to Berlin. One of Berlin’s coolest tours allows you to be a part the city’s vibrant street art scene. You can create your own artwork with the help local artists. This Berlin street art and graffiti tour is a combination walking tour and hands-on workshop.

Context’s network includes experts and scholars from all walks of life, including architects, art historians, refugees, and those who teach in our Cooking Across Borders Refugee Cooking Class. Oder, take our Berlin Architecture Tour. This tour examines Berlin’s built environment from Bauhaus to Futurism. A city full of transformation, Berlin’s vibrant changes live on every street corner. See Berlin with Context’s private guided tours led by historians who know the city inside and out. Planning a day out in Berlin can be overwhelming – the city is so rich in history with so many impressive sites to explore.

I met even locals who said they wanted to go on this tour for the past ten years to better understand their history. Berlin underground tours offer a different way to understand Berlin’s complex history. You can see war bunkers and escape routes in disused metro stations. With Berlin known for its alternative scene and unravelling of a dark past, this is a different way of seeing it. The coolest part of the tour is the last – a street art workshop inside an abandoned factory building.

Listen as an expert historian explains the facts surrounding the creation of the camp, as well as the timeline of the atrocities that took places there. The Third Reich Berlin Tour will teach you everything you need to know about Nazi Germany’s rise and fall. Travel back to the darkest days of WWII and hear about all the behind-the-scenes details of the Nazis, Gestapo, and the SS during the regime. This walking tour lasts four hours and starts in West Berlin. It takes you all the the way to the Soviet attack site near the Reichstag’s final battlefield.

What is the hottest month in Berlin?

If you’re tired of walking then how about seeing Berlin’s attractions from another perspective – on a relaxing boat ride! Your tour starts at the Brandenburg Gate, one of Berlin’s most recognized landmarks. You’ll learn about its 200-year-old history including how it turned into a symbol of unity. And you’ll learn about key events in Berlin’s history such as the Reichstag Fire of 1933. If you are planning a trip to Berlin, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed deciding where to start exploring the city. And even though we love exploring new destinations on our own, sometimes a guided tour is the best way to get the lay of the land or to experience something truly unique.

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